Gates Work

To suit clear opening (Single leaf ) The gate shall be manufactured from rolled hollow section mild steel tube. The gate leaf is to be a torsion free, fully welded unit, with a single diagonal back brace. The vertical infill bars are to be
fully welded between the upper and lower gate beams. The gate will be supported and guided by a special rolled section lower support beam running on two sets of adjustable double, maintenance free, nylon rollers mounted on sealed bearings. For gates with clear openings under 6.00 meters a ‘light’, more economical gate is also available, and for gates in excess of 13.00 meters the rear of the gate is to be supported on special dual roller sets, running in tracks either side of the gate leaf in the run back area.
The gate may be provided with the following alternative infills; welded mesh, pales to match palisade fencing, flat, profiled or louvered sheet steel or aluminum, wood (close boarded or hit and miss), round bar, diagonal bar, or the gate frame can be prepared to accept the customers own material. The weatherproof drive housing is to be manufactured from sheet steel and mounted on the gate base plate. The housing will enclose the integral electrical drive system, ‘EP103-1’ control panel and one set of gate support rollers. The control panel will interface with all types of access control systems; eg. card readers or radio transmitters. It also has a built in auto close delay function, and plug in cards are available for inductive ground loops, traffic light/status indication, and electro-magnetic lock control.
Access into the housing will be through a lockable access door. Attached to the top of the drive housing there will be two nylon guide rollers providing lateral support to the gate leaf. These rollers shall bear on an aluminum strip fixed to the gate leaf to protect the surface finish. The closing post will provide locating devices to support the gate when in the closed position. The drive system will be through a three phase 240/400V, 50Hz, 100% ED rated motor fitted with an adjustable clutch which will propel the gate at 200mm/second by means of a sprocket and gall chain. Both sprocket and chain shall be shrouded to comply with European safety guidelines. Gate drive and locking is to be achieved through a worm drive running in a synthetic oil filled gearbox. In the event of a power failure the gate shall be operated manually by releasing the clutch. A key switch for open and close operations plus an emergency stop button are to be mounted on the drive post. Open and close positions will be sensed through two non-contact inductive limit switches. These are to be triggered by adjustable location plates fitted to the lower support beam. The standard safety buffer system shall be ‘fail safe’, and conform to the latest European Regulations. It
shall consist of five rubber buffers with a signal transmission system. The buffers are to be located on
the leading edge of the gate and on both sides of the drive post To ensure long term corrosion protection after fabrication, components are shot blasted, hot zinc sprayed and polyurethane coated. Colors may be specified by the customer.Foundation and general arrangements drawings are supplied shortly after an order has been placed, for dimensional approval, and to ensure that the foundations can be completed in good time before the gate is delivered. Wiring diagrams are delivered with the gate.


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