Double Sliding Gate


We provide automatic doors of all types – bi-folding, hinged and sliding. We have an experienced team with all new technologies, please contact us for more details. different types of automatic door images are given below.

Our goal is to provide top quality aviation products at the best possible price. By using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to provide our customers with superior products at affordable prices.

Sliding doors are also known as bottom rolling doors. This is a better description as the door panels roll on wheels fitted to the bottom of the door. These wheels roll on rails embedded in the floor system.

Sliding door panels are individually controlled and operated, accommodating large aircraft as required. This flexibility enables the facility to operate more efficiently and save energy.

There are several choices that should be considered when choosing a door stacking system that is best for your hangar.

The Choices are:

  • Bi-parting
  • One-way Stack
  • Floating

Factors are:

  • Width and height of the opening
  • Climate of the region
  • Door Pockets

Sliding doors are designed with the highest standards while maintaining aesthetic appeal of the building. This type of door is customizable to fit unique conditions.