Swing Gate Single And Double Panel

Swing Gate in riyadh

Single And Double Panel Swing Doors.

Three Counties Steel Buildings offer this type of door as they can be provided with huge widths of up to 40m wide and up to 10m high giving the ideal solution for aircraft and helicopter hangars and large equipment buildings.

Integrated within one of our steel buildings this system of door, which is typically hydraulically operated, is top hung and swings out to offer the very maximum of headroom without the need to accommodate head gear.

The panel itself is extremely robust and since the lower portion of the panel is away from the gear accidental damage is much less likely to affect the door operation. This can be of major benefit to operators with large plant and equipment being brought not the building as we have seen many doors damaged under such circumstances. Likewise the very robust nature of the product means ram raiding and forced entry are minimised.

The panel lends itself to a range of in-fills to assist with security, insulation and aesthetics as well as any number of options including the inclusion of personal access doors.

Our offering of main entrance/access doors run from as narrow as 1.2m wide and as little as only 1.7m tall up to 20m+ wide and 10m+ high. This is achieved through a range of offerings and specifications including steel roller doors, sectional overhead doors, sliding doors, concertina doors, quick acting doors, strip curtain doors and hydraulically operated single panel swing doors.

Each type of door has its own range of benefits however price very often has a large bearing on the selection process as these can vary significantly. Our fully trained Sales Team will advise on solutions for specific applications and you can rest assured that we never over specify and sell something our Customers don’t need.

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